Dining at The Morrie (and a giveaway!)


Last week I was invited to sample some of the delicious fare at Royal Oak’s newest restaurant, The Morrie. Everything about my experience—from the lively Rock and Roll inspired interior to the super tasty eats—was noteworthy.

I started my meal with a wholly divine aperitif, a cocktail that was as pleasing to the eye as it was my tastebuds. Look for it on the menu as The Train in Vain-b side and prepare for it to emerge from the bar, looking exactly like this:

The Train in Vain-b side

It took all my self-control not to chow down on the pear first.

We moved on to appetizers and my biggest regret is that we didn’t order more of them for the group to try. Everything was truly delicious at The Morrie—-but the apps were my favorite. I was so into the Kung Pao Caulifower ($8.50) that I thought about using my spoon to smack the knuckles of any errant hand that tried to snatch an extra helping.

Keep your paws off my Kung Pao, mmkay?

I’m an Italian girl (with the requisite appetite and hips of an Italian girl) and the One Big Ol’ Meatball ($8.50) was everything I like my meatballs to be: tender, lean and flavorful. It was served on a bed of herbed polenta, smothered under just-the-right-amount of tomato basil sauce.

Mama likes a Big Ol’ Meatball

I opted for the Chick Norris sandwich ($10.50 + 2.00 for AMAZING waffle fries) for my entree. Every Chuck Norris joke came to mind as I was biting into the perfectly toasted sandwich which comes resplendent with a lean, juicy chicken breast, a touch of basil mayo, ripe tomato and avocado spread. The piece de resistance, however, were the waffle fries. Golden brown on the outside and mashed potato texture on the interior. Even Chuck Norris would have looked impressed (if his facial expression ever actually changed from a bearded scowl).

Chick Norris + waffle fries = LOVE

My friends and I topped off our meal with a myriad of desserts, but one glance at the menu confirmed my choice instantly. Butterscotch Creme Brulee ($9), carmelized to perfection and topped with…sit down, my dessert lovers in the back row…a Nutella macaroon. Right? RIGHT? Worth every single penny and caramelized calorie consumed.


The scene at The Morrie is eclectic and fun. It’s a wide open space, not too crowded on the night we were in, but just busy enough to make the atmosphere feel fun and alive. There was some pretty fantastic live music and there is karaoke on Sunday nights.

The amazing team at The Morrie  and a few fellow blogging friends have gathered together to bring you a giveway—we’re offering a $50 giftcard to one lucky reader/eater. Entrants must live in the Metro Detroit Area, and the giveaway ends on 2/12/2017.

Click here to be entered into the drawing! a Rafflecopter giveaway

In the meantime, check out The Morrie on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or better yet, stop in for some cocktails or a meal….or maybe just a meatball.

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