Let’s Talk About Food…And History

Here are some links to my published articles on food and history:

Detroit Returns To It’s Prohibition Era, Whiskeytown Roots and Finds New Life

The Grand, Unfinished Task of Chronicling How America Eats

Filets in First, Gruel in Third: What Class Differences Looked Like On The Titanic

How a Destitute Abandoned Parisian Boy Became The First Celebrity Chef

People Actually Followed These Bizarre and Sometimes Dangerous Vintage Diets

These Lunchtime Snacks Made You The Coolest Kid in the Cafeteria

The Bizarre, All-American History of Competitive Eating Contests

And some links about the emerging and exciting new food scene in Detroit:

Eastern Michigan’s Underrated Craft Breweries You Should Be Drinking At

Our Favorite Food Trucks and Stands in Detroit’s Eastern Market

Detroit’s Legitimately Great Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants



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